Ain’t that the truth?!

,,I love drinking, I hate people who don’t drink. I never met an interesting person in my life that didn’t drink. If you don’t drink, you’re a boring cunt and all your stories suck. All stories end the same way with ‘and then I got home’.” Australian comedian Jim Jeffries

Time for some stand up comedy

  Dear audience you have been reading too much the past few days. It’s time to sit back, crack open a beer and watch some good old stand up comedy. Mike Wilmot is a Canadian comedian that explains drunk behavior in a way that is hilarious as it is familiar. Enjoy.

Cartoonists go nuts on alcohol

As the intake of alcohol leads to the most amazing adventures in real life, it’s also an endless source of inspiration in fiction. Many comedy movies and series lean on the funny shenanigans of a drunkard, and booze is also a good topic for cartoonists. In this post we assembled some of the best cartoons…