Dutch tax-raise on alcohol backfires

The retards responsible for killing almost a 100 small businesses in Holland.

The retards responsible for killing almost a 100 small businesses in Holland.

The only bad beer is an overpriced one, everyone knows that. That’s why you won’t catch us trying to book a flight to Scandinavian countries anytime soon. Still there are always governments that think they should raise more taxes on alcohol. In the name of public health or just to earn more cash. As did the Dutch government. January 1st the taxes on beer increased by 10 percent. But it seems the plan backfired. The planned income became a loss and for several liquor stores this is the blow that puts them out of business.

The research agency Regioplan calculated that the extra income for the Dutch government will come nowhere near the planned 39 million euro, but only 26 million.  Because of the raise a lot of Dutch prefer to buy their beer in the neighboring countries Belgium or Germany. Because of that The Netherlands is missing out on 40 million extra tax income. Another side effect is that almost a 100 small liquor stores are going into bankruptcy and employees are losing their job. This will cost the Dutch government another 4 million euro. So that’s 44 million minus the extra 26 million makes a total loss of 18 million euro, not to mention the lost jobs. Nice going you retards!

The marketing expert Paul Moers of Regioplan claims that the only way to improve the economy is to reduce the taxes on alcohol. This way the more booze will be sold and more money will run to the government. Makes perfect sense to us. So let’s start campaigning for mister Moers as the new Dutch prime-minister.

Micky Bumbar

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